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Visually memorable and colorfully brilliant paintings elicit the invigorating joy of a coming storm and simultaneous emotional calming of the setting sun.  Her recent body of oceanscapes reflect the meditative and introspective in sensitivity to light and atmosphere.

A spiritual element comes to mind in Tina’s seascapes that maintain many features of abstraction yet without doubt represent landscapes. In Morning Stillness, one feels the air, and the quiet moment before everything starts to happen. The simplicity of the painting with its low horizon line speaks volume. In Afternoon Calm, just like in the previous painting, the composition strives for perfection with minimal means and arrives at purity.  


There is a quiet silent quality in these landscapes, and certain transparency one can feel. Overall pastel colors intersect with bright color bands at the horizon line in a beautiful, exquisite way.


In Summer Solstice, these colorful bands become wider and brighter, creating a Rothko-like composition, more abstract than other works in this genre/style. South Shore Repose is effectively reduced to three bands of color, and its delicate atmosphere fills the viewer with beauty and magic.


Hidden Secrets, suggests a landscape, with nature revealing its own mysteries to the viewer. Aquarius takes us to the riot of marshland, where the foreground is water, and the background is the infinite sky. It is a very spiritual place in magical and almost sacred environment.  

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