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Ridgefield Guild of Artists Annual

Festive Home

Opening Preview Party Friday, November 17th

Showing November 18 - December 17th

All Around Us

In this piece titled, “All Around Us” captures the essence of human endeavor – coming together to raise each other up toward a supported, loving and more harmonious tomorrow. The vivid and aesthetically pleasing hues, soft circular strokes, and intentional figure composition combine to evoke a sense of emotional delight, empowerment, and spirited bonding.

Through form and color, “All Around Us” radiates positivity and connection.

Integrated yet free-flowing in structure, the painting suggests a slight moodiness that is overcome by the joy of love,friendship, and human connection. A hint of spontaneity and improvisation give this piece a visual freedom unique to Cobelle-Sturges’ portfolio. The vibrancy, tonality, and subtle undertones convey not only energy, but self-reflection, spirituality, and unity, signifying the true value of a connected humanity.

"RADical Hope" is a contribution by Tina to the RADical Hope Foundation.


Tina practices multifaceted art in figurative and abstract modes. Her discipline encompasses enchanting New York scenes, poetic landscapes, and pure abstractions.

Raidical Hope.jpg

Tina Cobelle-Sturges’ “RADical Hope” radiates positive energy, vitality, and spirit. Waves of color emerge from the very center, or core of the painting, flowing outwards through arrangements of patterns.


“RADical Hope” is about the internal world. It most certainly gives out hope and longing for a better world and better future with happiness all around. The play of color with bright bands, or ribbons intersecting with more subdued greys and off-whites is truly captivating. One might also notice a dancing or moving figure amidst this ocean of color, or maybe it is not a dancer but the music itself. Tina’s vibrancy of energy, her musical rhythms and movement have a lot of symbolism - it signifies joy of life, hope and internal peace.

Aristotle’s famous phrase “The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance” seems to describe Tina’s art quite accurately. Paintings in her abstract series focus on internal world of feelings, emotions, sensations.

"RADical Hope" is a contribution by Tina to the RADical Hope Foundation.

 June 3 - Aug 1

Gallery Show

Summer Solstice


My recent body of oceanscapes reflect a meditative and introspective in sensitivity to light and atmosphere.


The viewer is drawn into the paintings featuring 

texture giving a great deal of movement, energy and color. 

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