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Tina Cobelle Sturges is best known for her radiant, colorful, and approachable paintings that blend small brush strokes with pointillist technique to animate the canvas and bring country and city landscapes to life. Her unique impressionist and folk art style, considered “romantic realism,” reflects her dedication to a bright palette, careful sensitivity to perceptible details and a commitment to harmoniously capturing the rhythm of daily human life in an engaging and authentic setting.
Sturges’ extensive portfolio of paintings demonstrates her ability to strike a balance between realistic and impressionistic genres.  The signature of her style is her ability to draw upon the very nuances of a scene forming an emotionally calming interaction with the viewer.  She paints equally successfully reflecting the sensitivity of small town life on a New England main street or the busy urban streetscapes of New York City.  In both cases, her renditions of structured landscapes dabbed with human activity are truly captivating and memorable.  She seamlessly weaves elements of nature with urban landmarks resulting in a simultaneously energetic and soothing composition.  Sturges approaches each canvas as an individual expression, anticipating her audience’s desire to emotionally connect with the scene, be amused or find a peaceful individual moment.  Her choice of place, color and activity embrace the cadence and harmony of the scene as it comes alive through paint, brush and canvas.

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